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Open Source Google Desktop Gadgets

Here, we have a list of open source projects. If you feel that you can add value to these gadgets by contributing your work towards it, you are free to join these projects.

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Cricket News Displays cricket news headlines and images. Displays cricket news headlines and images as a slideshow. Click on the article/image to open the original article in the browser.


Cricket Videos Watch cricket videos right on your desktop. This gadget fetches the latest videos related to cricket matches from YouTube? and displays on the desktop.


Cricket World Cup Scores View scores of ongoing cricket matches during the world cup. Displays the scores of current cricket matches during the World Cup. To view the full scorecard for a match click the "see full scorecard" link. Also displays schedule of next match.


Other Projects

We have hosted some of our Google Desktop gadgets at Google Code. You are most welcome to check them out and get involved with these projects.

Bible verse of the day

Quote of the day


Memory Smiley

Color Clock

CPU Smiley

Color gadget

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Most Popular Gadgets

Memory Smiley

Memory Smiley: See the Smiley change its mood as your memory usage changes. Source Code of this gadget is available for free.
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This Day in History

This Day in History: This gadget displays the significant events that had happened this day in history.
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